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ecrutics real staff app

Post  ecrutic on Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:03 pm

Name:Brandyn Stone



Tell some good qualities about you:i am funny friendly and love maplestory

Do you have experience with becoming a GM?:yes not on maplestory tho on habbo retros and runescape private servers

Why do you want to be a GM?:i wanna see what its like and i wanna make new friends and beable to help lightjkstory be a nicer and safer enviroment for others

Are you LOYAL?:extremely

Are you TRUSTWORTHY ?:i feel guilty if i do something bad so yes i am very trustworthy

Why do you want me to make you a GM?:to try it out and see if i have the proper skills to handle being a gm ive made it for 2/3 things lets see if im good at this 1.

What will you contribute to the server?:i will make short youtube videos and i will help make the server better for others.

Tell what other servers you were a GM in:bruster-scape,labbo-hotel,bobba-hotel,laddo-hotel,cha-hotel

Tell some of your hobbies: playing on the computer, doing sports and making friends


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