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Post  SmoothieDude on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:49 pm

Name:Christopher Gamble


IGN: SmoothieDude

Tell some good qualities about you: Im fun and crazy, love to be helpful and not a waste of time. Very Happy

Do you have experience with becoming a GM?: Yes, being a GM on about 11 servers
I should be. I know almost all commands and still have my handbook. Still trying to remember them all. It isn't easy with my nerdy brain. Smile

Why do you want to be a GM?: I want to help people show them around let them be welcome to the server of LightjkStory, as stated above. Do contests, events and more

Are you LOYAL?: Very, You can't get me to leave the server. Give me a command and ill do it right away with no hesitation Exclamation

Are you TRUSTWORTHY ?: Yes, your able to trust me with anything. Keep secrets, don't give out certain items unless told too, or whatever you say.

Why do you want me to make you a GM?: Well, I love helping people like I said above, showing them around, Doing events to keep them entertained

What will you contribute to the server?: Try my best to get people to join, stay active and modivate other people to be active, By hosting events, contests, or out of my boredom, My self Plays.

Tell what other servers you were a GM in: Might not be able to name them all. FaithfulMS, DGMS(DarkGee), Cloud Story (My very old server), and for real that's all i can remember.

Tell some of your hobbies: Of course i like to play my Xbox 360 or my PlayStation 3, Playing Speed with my friends i could never beat, Sometimes helping my stupid friend pass Math, Doubting he will pass. I Hope....


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