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Drew's Admin/Coder Application  Empty Drew's Admin/Coder Application

Post  drewsun on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:31 pm

Name: Drew

Age: 15


Tell some good qualities about you: Im a nice guy and treat everyone well, even those i don't think not deserve it, as you can not judge someone without being first in all there situations. I notice minor detail a lot and spend lots of time redoing them so they are to my satisfaction, when i get bored i code or do gfx a lot XD.

Do you have experience with becoming a GM?:Yes, i have many; i have been a admin or coder/gfx/editerin many servers (15+) and also gm in many (5-6).

Why do you want to be a GM?:I want to be gm as, i get bored a lot and want something to entertain my time(when Sadie is not).I also want to help this server grow and gain members and built upon its community and staff members.

Are you LOYAL?:Im very loyal, i stick to most things i set my mind to, and do everthing i give my word to.

Are you TRUSTWORTHY ?: Yes, i am very trust worth, but seeing as i can not prove so, you will learn to trust me Smile

Why do you want me to make you a GM?:I want to be a Admin, because i want to help the community grow, build and gain leverage over others, i also want something to occupy my time and it combines a few of my fav Hobbes (talking,coding,gfx).

What will you contribute to the server?: I would coder, do gfx, do events, manage, in general; that would pritty much mean anything the server will need,

Tell what other servers you were a GM in:
well to list a few
Dodgeystory(coder,editer,wz editer)
many more
and am also helping : SuperStarMs, GuardiansStory,Matts Story

Tell some of your hobbies:Gaming, girls(sadie Razz), coding,gfx, talking

Currently working on a C# game and also quilting a base game engine[code]


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Drew's Admin/Coder Application  Empty Reply

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:57 am

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